Graham Smith -CEO of Republic

Thursday, April 20 2017 at 7:30PM

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Winchester Discovery Centre
Jewry Street
SO23 8SB

Graham Smith -CEO of Republic

What's the talk about?

Thomas Paine recognised that a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives the impression it is right. That neatly captures the prevalent mood of the public towards the monarchy. 

Those attitudes are built on myth and misdirection, assumptions that go unchallenged about how the Queen can unite the country, guard against dictatorship and make billions for the British economy. When we couple those fantasies to the conceited notion that our ‘mother of parliaments’ is the envy of the world why would anyone support change? 

This grand delusion is ripe for challenge – and post-Brexit Britain is in urgent need of fundamental reform of how we’re governed. The monarchy is the source of centralized power and a primary cause of a weak parliament in the face of a powerful executive. It cannot provide the country with an effective, independent head of state and worse, it acts as an obstacle to reform. The monarchy is elitist, secretive, undemocratic and resistant to change. In that, it sets the tone for a British constitution that is no longer fit for purpose.

Graham Smith has been CEO of Republic since 2005. He originally joined the group in 1990 before moving to Australia where he was involved in community and charity work. Graham first got involved with Republic as a volunteer in 2003. Since then he has transformed the campaign group, building a strong supporter base and raising the campaign’s media profile. He has also played a leading role in establishing and nurturing the Alliance of European Republican Movements.