Adam Rutherford

Thursday, April 28 2011 at 7:30PM

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Adam Rutherford

What's the talk about?

Dr. Adam Rutherford is a science broadcaster and professional geek.

He has a degree in evolutionary biology and a PhD in the genetics of the eye. Adam is an editor at the science journal Nature, where he makes short films and podcasts.

Adam is also a presenter on TV and radio. His new BBC series "The Gene Code" - aired on 18th and 25th April 2011 - tells the story of life on Earth using DNA as our guide. In 2009 he chronicled 4 billion years of biology in the award winning series The Cell, from the origin of life, to the future of synthetic biology.

On radio Adam has presented a diverse range of programmes from Scientists go to Hollywood to the roots of the MMR scandal in Science Betrayed.

Adam also writes for the Guardian and other publications on science, policy, religion, cinema and occaisonly all simultaneously.

He is passionate about cinema, cricket and cooking.